Welcome to Gabriele's German Sweets

My name is Gabriele Block - owner, baker and chocolatier in one person.

I was born and raised in Herzogenaurach, Germany. I studied at the University of Nürnberg to become a home economics teacher. In my family CHRISTMAS was always written with capital letters!
My parents were unsurpassable with the small and large preparations for Christmas. It was not unusual for my Dad to be on the lookout for Christmas gifts in January...for the upcoming Christmas - while my Mom, at the end of October, already got all the ingredients for the baking season together.
During the Advent season, the house would be festively decorated and there was a permanent scent of cinnamon, cardamom and cloves in the air.

We baked every day - cookies, chocolates, Lebkuchen (German Gingerbread Cookies), Linzertorte (Almond spice cake with raspberry), Stollen (German Christmas bread/cake and Hutzelbrot (German Fruitbread).
Some of the recipes were handed down through generations, new ones were tried out and some we even invented ourselves.
This way we had many different kinds on our Christmas plate!
The magical atmosphere always captivated me and the passion for making our German specialties has been with me ever since.
A day without baking or chocolate making is unthinkable!

In my store and in my online shop, I can offer these handmade treats now all year round. At any given time, I have 12 different cookies and chocolates available.
You can also find homemade jams and jellies, cakes and tortes as well as seasonal and everyday gifts.
Additionally, you can also order any of my product to be send to friends, family or business partners. Guaranteed to be lovingly packaged and send with a personal greeting from you.

My store is located at:
413W. Main Street
Ashland, Wisconsin 54806, USA

Store Hours :
Monday - Wednesday 10am - 5pm;
Thursday 10am - 4:30pm
Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

Have fun browsing my pages.  For questions please contact me via email : [email protected]

or call (001) 715-682-2114

"Grüß Gott",


Gabriele's German Cookies & Chocolates is located in Ashland Wisconsin, on the south shore of Lake Superior.
We've been in business since April 1st, 2004 making German cookies and chocolates, and our selection expands constantly.

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